About Us


Who We Are?

The word ‘tür’ simply means ‘door’ in German. ‘Tür’ represents our firm belief in kickstarting a new era of floor mats encompassing quality and comfort. From this dream, emerged TÜR MAT.

TÜR MAT is designed to be the pinnacle of floor mats with versatility in a multitude of settings, be it kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Available in natural-looking colours that complement any kind of furniture, the mat’s surface is also covered with dense, absorbent fibres and a non-slip back. 

But it doesn’t end there. We’ve made sure our commitment to excellence also extends to our service. Our customer happiness team is just a text away should any customer have questions or require assistance. Our priority will always be to match you with a mat you need.

Simply put, we go above and beyond our product.


If you're looking for high quality, handcrafted car mats, visit us at here

Our car mats specialist will be there to assist you. 

DRIVE with superior comfort at your feet.