About Us


Who Are We?

Tür means 'door' in German, and stands for our belief in creating a new generation of floor mats. 

Our Tur Mats are engineered to be the ultimate modern floor mats that can be used in almost all setting. While providing a stunning combination of colors - Ours mats are design to prevent home & offices from being dirty and yet providing the safety of our users to ensure the mats being non-slip. 

Tur Mats is more than just a door mat. Get yours today and you'll truly understand why its more than just a door mat. 

We are a dedicated team that is focusing to mat every house, office and car.

One mat at a time, we will get there. 



If you're looking for a set of specially hand crafted car mats. Please visit us at here

Our car mats specialist will be there to assist you. 

DRIVE in Comfort