General Care Guide

1. Ensure that floor is dry, clean & dust free before laying out your TÜR MAT.

2. Avoid allowing water to seep through from under the base of your TÜR MAT. This may increase the chances of slipping.

3. Exercise caution when stepping on TÜR MAT.

4. Fibres are firmly attached on, but avoid abusing them. 

5. Our mats are pet-friendly as well! Just watch them for a day after introducing the TÜR MAT to them. They might just make you buy a new piece.

6. When using our TÜR MAT as a bathroom mat, keep the base of the mat as dry as possible.

Washing Guide

1. For the first wash, we recommend washing your TÜR MAT by hand.

2. For subsequent washes, machine wash in cold water without detergent or fabric softener. Do note that some shedding of fibres will occur during the first few washes. Do not bleach, Do not tumble dry, Do not dry clean. 

3. Avoid using the dryer. Hang TÜR MAT to dry. 

4. Do not iron